boutique TIMOFEI

boutique TIMOFEI: Your loyal and reliable partner for the full range of Made-to-Measure(MTM) shirts in European Union!

      Company started in early 1990s with bulk production of ready to wear clothes for export, went through retail of high-quality MTM men clothes in chain of stores throughout Bulgaria and put the focus on high quality MTM dress shirts since year 2010. Combining decades of experience of clothes manufacturing and retail with the latest achievements of IT and production technologies, at the same time keeping the tradition of hand-cutting and tailoring of the hand-sensitive parts, we believe we offer product and service which are slowly changing the MTM market.

      The keys of our success are: Innovation and Dedication. Innovation keeps us in front of the competition and gives comfort of working in one of the best possible environments for MTM. Dedication to the MTM business makes our partners trust us that we deliver what we have promised with stable quality and lead times. Because of that we can proudly state: "We do not have customers, we have only partners selling our shirts!".

      Our main focus remain MTM men dress shirts, but through the years we have expanded our offer to women MTM shirts (blouses). During pandemic times (2020-2021) driven by the more casual market trends we have added high quality MTM T-Shirts and Polo-Shirts for kids, women, men.

      Important facts about our products and benefits from partnership with boutique TIMOFEI, process and materials used can be found in the Benefits section.

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